Author Hilda Teran

Hilda Teran is currently retired after 33 years of working in the title insurance business. She has three adult children: Adam, Amanda and Marisa, and three grandsons: Devin, Austin and Joel. Hilda lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Jimmy Morris. A devoted Christian, she fills many ministry roles, sharing with others the grace that  dramatically changed her life.

I Gave My Heart to the One Who Created It

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I pray that my collection of life-stories inspires you. I realize now, that it was God s great love, mercy and grace that carried me through so many broken relationships and trials. There s a simple reason that many of my choices ended in failure: I made them myself. I never prayed about my decisions. As humans, we go through life searching for love. We often live to please others. However, in March 2003, I finally met the Man who brought complete fulfillment in my life, Jesus! I Gave My Heart to the One Who Created It and everything changed. I was delivered from anxieties and a lot of emotional and mental pain. God had a new life planned for me. That s why I m involved in ministry and reaching out to others with the Gospel, primarily single women and single mothers. I pray my story will encourage you to be hungry for Jesus and if you've never done so, to give your heart to the One who created it. It really is the only way to live.

I Gave My Heart to the One Who Created It

ISBN: 9780942507928

Size: 6x9 Pages: 160


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