Author Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson--One day I asked the Lord, I have always helped people in life; why can I not keep what I attain: Why do people I love always betray me? Why am I here? God answered and said go home and write your story and I will do the rest. Within a year I had a beautiful home on Cape Fear River, North Carolina, a dog named yogi and a published manuscript. At times in my life, I have boasted of accomplishing things with no help, but I realize that my help comes from unseen hands. Where does my help come from, you may ask? My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.

Banana Peel Mountain
Surviving the Slippery Slopes of Life 

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My experience and journey has been long and tiresome, living out of a suit case from age 22. After my mom passed away, I was set on a journey that took me to over 45 states and three world countries. My constant companions were trial and error. Everything I touched turned to gold, but always seemed to slip through my hands. I am a praying man. When things went well I would stray from my Godly walk and when storms came I would run to God. I abandoned God because I did not want to lose my friends and people who were close to me. In the end they left me high and dry.

Banana Peel Mountain

ISBN: 978-0-942507-25-6

Size: 6x9 Pages: 272


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