Author David Garcia

David Garcia is the Lead Pastor at one of central Florida’s most exciting churches, Grace World Outreach Church, which has been located in Brooksville, Florida, for over one-quarter of a century. Pastor Garcia is a versatile and popular speaker for seminars, crusades, and conferences, and he offers a wealth of Biblical and practical ideas. He is also a gifted author with a unique style of relevant presentation. David and his wife, Nellie, have been married for 44 years and have two happily married children, both serving God in full-time ministry, and four wonderful grandchildren.

Redefining Sex In Dating

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Redefining Sex In Dating is a passionate cry for holiness and biblical standards in dating relationships. Absolute moral standards are being compromised by relativism which says that truth changes according to the culture or situation. But the Bible is very clear on absolute standards of purity and abstinence when it comes to guy/girl relations or any relationship for that matter. Redefining Sex In Dating challenges what is acceptable in dating relationships in society and even the established church by an experienced pastor who communicates with love & compassion yet without compromise to the biblical standards of purity and righteousness. It is a practical application of biblical principles to 21st Century relationships and living.

Redefining Sex In Dating


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