Author Mike Shreve

Mike Shreve, founder of Deeper Revelation Books, has been involved in full-time evangelism in the United States and overseas since 1971. He is the author of thirteen books and three Bible studies, and holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Beacon Institute of Ministry (formerly Christian Life School of Theology). He also holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Faith Theological Seminary in Tampa, Florida. He is blessed with a devoted wife, Elizabeth, who assists him in ministry, and their two wonderful children: Zion Seth and Destiny Hope.

God's Promises For Your Journey

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There are 7,487 promises in God’s Word. This mini-book contains 500+ of the most loved, most quoted, most confessed biblical pledges, inspired by the Almighty God Himself.

It begins with an insightful introduction on the power of confessing God’s Word. Then, over 150 categories of promises in alphabetical order make it easy to search, as you look for just the right promise to claim in prayer.

Life is a wonderful, yet often unpredictable journey. Sometimes, we arrive at forks in the road that demand major decisions or problems that require major solutions. In the Bible, you already have the answers for every circumstance.

It is a true saying that you will never face anything in life—any challenge, tribulation, disappointment or failure—without a promise in God’s Word strong enough, powerful enough, to carry you through the problem to sure victory. When you really get this in your spirit, you might be found declaring to others, like author/teacher Mike Shreve:

      “Don’t pray the problems; pray the promises!”

This pocket-sized mini-book (4”x 5”) can fit in your pocket, your purse, your briefcase, your computer bag, or the glove compartment in your car.

It makes a great gift item for individuals, ministry staff, partners, church members or new converts.

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God's Promises For Your Journey


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