Getting Started



1. PREPARATION – Please prepare your manuscript before submitting it to our evaluation department, according to the guidelines listed at this link.

2. SUBMISSION – Send your properly prepared manuscript via this online form.

3. EVALUATION – Within one to three business days after you submit your manuscript, but no more than seven days, one of our editors will give your book an initial evaluation. This is a free service. If your manuscript is approved, we will proceed to the next two steps: cost estimate and contract. We do our best to get to you the same day or within 24 hours of your submission, if at all possible.

4. COST ESTIMATE – After we confer with you and the reviewing editor concerning certain aspects of your manuscript (the level of editing needed, the number of books to be printed, type of cover, etc.) an estimate will be given to you concerning the cost of the project. This can always be altered later on in the process to allow for modifications and changes. We need to know 10 things in order to provide this estimate for you. See this related article.

5. CONTRACT – After the DRB submission council approves your book, and once you decide you definitely want us to help you become a published author, you will be sent an author contract. The contract must be read and signed before proceeding. You will also need to submit the down payment of 1/3 of the total estimated cost of the project (by check or credit card).

6. IMPLEMENTATION – During the initial evaluation and approval process, your book mentor may notice certain things that need to be done to your manuscript before resubmission (such as determining your primary Bible version, inserting a copyright page with Bible permission statements, or creating a table of contents). Any requests such as these will be submitted to you for implementation.

7. RESUBMISSION – Once you fulfill any requested alterations and/or additions that need to be made, your manuscript will enter the editing stage. At this point, your graphic artist may also begin designing your cover.