Back Cover: Directions and Explanations

In order for your graphic artist to design your back cover, we will need the following elements from you (unless you choose to do your back cover in a non-traditional way):

BIO STATEMENT—You need to write a biographical statement about yourself (in the third person, as if someone else is writing about you). It can include things like your level of education, degrees, awards, accomplishments, present line of work, or names of your spouse and children. The bio normally does not contain information about the book itself. It is necessary to trim the information down to the bare minimum to look professional. If you want to offer a more lengthy, detailed bio, you can do so on an inside page, toward the end of the book on the. Normally a bio should be 50-75 WORDS MAXIMUM.

PERSONAL PHOTO FOR THE BACK COVER—Next to the biographical info on the back cover, there should be a good head shot of the author, or a picture of the author with his or her spouse or family. Discuss options with your book mentor. This photo needs to be hi-resolution, (at least 300 dpi) and be clean or repaired (free from creases, tears, dirt, etc.). Often, cell phones do not take hi-resolution pictures. So we discourage our authors from using those unless their cell phones have better cameras.We can use larger images, even full body images, instead of just headshots. But the design on the cover would have to be uniquely able to adapt to large a picture in the layout. A few books have featured pictures of the author on the FRONT cover. Some authors have chosen to just have their personal pictures on the back cover, but a family picture on an inside page of the book. There are a number of options. We will work with you on choosing the right method for your book.

ATTENTION GRABBING STATEMENT—Though we don’t always use them, it is good to have a couple of short statements (just a few words long) that summarize the most important principles about the essence of the book’s content, like:

Become a more confident leader!
Learn the basics of intercession!
Fulfill your destiny with boldness!

These "attention grabbing" statements are normally used at the top of the cover, before the explanation.

BOOK DESCRIPTION—You will also need to write a description of your book for the back cover. Remember the purpose of this description. You don’t have to tell every primary subject you cover in the book. In fact, too much information on a back cover can actually repel potential readers. It is too overwhelming. You need a very short description of the most interesting and more impacting parts of your book. 150-175 WORDS MAXIMUM


ISBN (INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BOOK NUMBER)—We supply this number for you. It identifies you with our company and enables you to participate in our distribution network. 

BARCODE—We also secure the barcode for you. It indicates the retail cost of your book which is needful if you sell your book through bookstores. If that is not a part of your plan, the barcode may not be necessary.

PRICE—It is important at times for you to place the retail price of your book on the back cover. Of course, you can sell it for a reduced or discounted price whenever you choose. Setting this price is something that you will need to discuss with your book mentor.

DRB LOGO—Normally, our logo will appear on the back of the book.

BISAC CATEGORY—We also place the category of the book on the back cover, which is helpful to bookstore owners and librarians, such as:

RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual growth