Copyright Page Information

Copyright page: Your copyright page is usually the fourth page of your book. Books normally begin with two blank pages, then the title page, then the copyright page. Go to this link for an example of your copyright page. If done correctly, it should include the following in this order:

  • your copyright declaration
  • ISBN numbers (something we assign to you, one for your book and another for any other version of your book that needs to be mentioned, like a previous version or a hardback) 
  • the “All Rights Reserved” statement 
  • the primary Bible version used (explained below)
  • all other Bible versions used
  • your contact information 
  • purchasing and distribution information
  • DRB contact information
  • the statement explaining DRB's role 
  • Some books may also include CIP (cataloging-in-publication) which is data especially used for libraries. This is optional and can be discussed later in the process. 
  • Additional technical or pertinent information about the book can be included on this page, such as permission statements for material included in the book.