Distribution & Author Payments

Deeper Revelation Books has a long-term relationship with ANCHOR DISTRIBUTORS—one of the primary Christian distribution companies that serves the body of Christ and the Christian market nationally (over 3,000 Christian bookstores within the U.S.) and many countries and regions outside the U.S. (www.anchordistributors.com). Through Anchor, we also participate in a network of many other distribution companies, including Ingram, Baker & Taylor and the Print-on-Demand company called Lightning Source, that have an even larger global outreach (such as Australia and the U.K.). Any book that is included in our distribution network is available for orders at over 25,000 retail locations (both secular and Christian). Not all DRB books are suitable to promote to bookstores for shelf space, but all are available through bookstores (by special order).

There are three primary ways that all DRB books are offered for sale. Because there are different methods, the income that returns to DRB authors differs according to the procedure used. Below you will find an example of a book that retails for $14.99 being sold through different channels. If your book is sold for a different retail price, see the chart at the bottom of this page for a more concise presentation of the information.

Why do we need to use distribution companies and networks? Because bookstores and other retailers normally do not want to do business with individual authors or even with individual publishing companies. They prefer to order all their books from just one source, or as few as possible.

There is one primary exception to this rule. Sometimes local bookstores will feature local authors as a service to their community, especially if the author offers to let the store display their books on a consignment basis. That means they do not have to purchase your books; you maintain ownership of your books and they pay you only as books are sold. Also, your books are can be returned if they don’t sell. Consignment arrangements are not initiated, nor overseen, by DRB. They are the responsibility of the author.

Online sales (except for the DRB website) are overseen by the primary printing company that DRB works with. Whenever your book is printed through them, automatically, they post it to Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Cosco and many other online outlets. Orders for your book are fulfilled from Anchor Distributors or if your stock runs out, from Lightning Source, a POD (Print-On-Demand) company associated with Ingram Distributors that can print one copy at a time.

Here is an example of the financial breakdown (percentages) on sale of a DRB book (one that sells retail for $14.99):

Anchor Distributors Sales

Retail:           $14.99         retail price of one book sold at a bookstore to a consumer

-42%:            $8.69           bookstore pays Anchor (normally 42% discount, but can

                                          vary from 20% to 60%—in rare cases, they may send a

                                          promotional copy free, but that is for your benefit).

-20%:            $1.74           charged by Anchor for its services / 20% of discounted price

Received:       $6.95           received by DRB from Anchor sales ($8.69 minus Anchor fee)

-20%:            $1.39           charged by DRB for its services / 20% of amount received from


TOTAL:          $5.56          author’s earning for sale of one book

Amazon.com Sales Through Anchor Distributors

Retail:          $14.99          retail price of one book sold to a consumer

-53%:           $7.04            received by Anchor from Amazon (normally 53% to 55% discount)

-20%:           $1.41            charged by Anchor for its services / 20% of discounted price

Received:     $5.63            received by DRB from Anchor sales (minus Anchor fee)

-20%:           $1.13            charged by DRB for its services / 20% of amount received from


TOTAL:          $4.50          author’s earning for sale of one book

Note: Amazon.com usually discounts books below the suggested retail price, but that does not affect the amount that the distribution company or an author receives.

Deeper Revelation Books / Shreve Ministries

(DRB online store, table sales in conferences and church meetings, phone orders)

Retail:           $14.99         retail price of one book sold through the DRB website or on a

                                         table at one of our conferences (online $14.99 is charged; table

                                         sales are normally rounded off to $15).

Received:     $14.99          received by DRB from sales

-50%           $7.49           charged by DRB for its services

TOTAL:        $7.50          author’s earning for sale of one book



Time of payment—Normally, Deeper Revelation Books (DRB) charges 20% of the actual net income that results from wholesale purchases of the books that are sold through the DRB offices (NOT 20% of the retail price). The income received is transferred to authors bi-annually (i.e., you will be paid toward the end of August for January through June sales, and paid toward the end of February for July through December sales), but only if your total book sales during that period exceed $30. If your sales do not exceed $30, then only one check will be issued at the end of that specific year.

Fulfilling Anchor or Amazon orders—The only books that DRB sends to Amazon are mini-books and books that we help to develop, but they are not approved to bear the DRB logo (or our divisions: PHP or COP). When this happens, we also charge the non-DRB author the shipping costs. When Anchor Distributors orders DRB books (or PHP or COP books), DRB will take the total shipping and handling charge and divide it equally among all books sent in one shipment. The author therefore, is only charged shipping for his or her book(s). This charge will be deducted from the amount owed to the author at the end of monthly totals. When books or other items are purchased through DRB and Shreve Ministries sites, the customer pays for the shipping and handling.  Deeper Revelation Books and the authors share a 50/50 relationship when books are purchased through Shreve Ministries or Deeper Revelation Books.

DRB authors featured on website—There is no charge for DRB authors to be featured on the website (www.deeperrevelationbooks.org) or on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com or any other website that offers the books online.

Vision statement—The 20% that our authors share with DRB helps us maintain and grow the company, as well as promoting the written works of all of our authors worldwide. We are a team of people with a similar vision, covenant members of the body of Christ, co-laborers together in the Kingdom of God. It is our charge to infiltrate this world with Kingdom values and the knowledge of the King. Let’s join hands together and impact our generation!


Retail Price

Anchor 42%

Anchor -20%

Received from Anchor

DRB -20%

Author Receives


























Retail Price

Amazon 53%

Anchor -20%

Received from Anchor

DRB -20%

Author Receives


























Retail Price

DRB Received

DRB -50%

Author Receives





















Note: DRB reserves the right to re-evaluate this agreement with DRB authors and negotiate new percentages when or if it becomes necessary.