Submission Guidelines

We deeply appreciate you contacting us in the hope of publishing your book. Please read the following guidelines first, before submitting your manuscript.

Subject Matter: Your book must be Christian in nature and in agreement with the Statement of Faith of Deeper Revelation Books.

  • Non-fiction titles are under the imprint of Deeper Revelation Books.

  • Fiction titles are under the imprint of Pure Heart Publications.

Manuscript Submission: Submitted manuscripts can be sent to us in either of the following two formats:

  1. Microsoft Word Format: If you send a digital copy of your manuscript in Microsoft Word format, make it a simple layout on 8.5x11 pages. We do not accept Microsoft Publisher documents. About a one inch margin is standard. Either single-spaced or double-spaced is acceptable. Email it to us by using our online submission form, or send it to our mailing address on a CD.

    Important Note: Please do not try to lay out your book in a complicated way or with book sized margins. Do not insert headers, footers, text boxes, images, drop caps, or use multiple fonts for emphasis. Excessive formatting actually complicates the process. It makes it more challenging to adapt to our professional publishing software. It is best to confer with your graphic artist and communicate to him/her the unique characteristics you would like to see in the layout of your book. You can be sure, we will work with you closely to achieve the most excellent replication of what you envision for this most important presentation of your message.

  2. Adobe InDesign: If your book has already been laid out in a professional publishing program, we might be able to work from the design a graphic artist has already created, either as is, or with the intention of changing the appearance, if that is the author’s desire. The publishing program we use is Adobe InDesign, so that is our preference. Other formats, such as Pagemaker, will also be considered on a case-by-case basis, but at times, transferring from another publishing program into InDesign may require an extra fee. 

No submission fee is required.

Previously Published Works: If your book has been previously printed and/or published, you may submit your work in book form. If your work has already been published and you have been in a contractual relationship with another publisher, you must submit a signed release from your former publisher allowing you to republish with another company or with us specifically. If that freedom is stated in your contract, that is sufficient. 

Typed Paper Copies with No Digital File: If you have a previously published book or a typewritten document that has no digital file, we can scan it and transfer it into a Microsoft Word document for you.

Handwritten Manuscripts: If you have a handwritten manuscript, we can type it up for you in a Microsoft Word document before proceeding with the editing stage (if approved). 
Include the following in your manuscript:  

  • Dedication and Acknowledgments

  • Table of Contents

  • Chapter numbers, chapter titles and subtitles

  • Citations for all quoted material, and when it is required, permission to use any copyrighted material

  • Copyright page (see explanation below and example at this link). Additional information concerning the copyright page can be read at this link.

Copyright: Our Associate Authors maintain ownership of their books and copyrights. We can obtain the copyright for you or explain to you how to go through the process yourself. Your book is safe with us. There is no need to copyright your book until after it is published.

If you are submitting a manuscript, please click here.

Sending Your Manuscript: If you prefer to send your manuscript, put it on a CD or a thumb drive and ship it to the address below. Do not send the original copies of pictures you want included in the book. Get high resolution copies of any pictures you want to use (300 dpi or higher). You can send them to us on a CD, or send them one at a time by email, or use one of the large file services like HIGHTAIL, or discuss various methods with a DRB book mentor. Please keep your originals and send the copies to us. 

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