7 Steps to Unconventional Soul Winning
A Fire from the North
A Life-Altering Journey
A Pilgrim's Perspective
A Practical Pattern for Prayer
Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride
Audibly Speaking
Authentic Enlightenment
Babylon or Jerusalem
Banana Peel Mountain
Broken Arrows In His Hands
By His Grace I Did It
Fired by God and Man
First Passage
From Perils to Pearls
God & The 12 Steps
God's Strategy for Tragedy
Gracious Walk
Heaven's Heroes
His Majesty's Heavenly GPS
His Promises for Me
Home At Last
I Gave My Heart to the One Who Created It
Intimate Living with the Holy Spirit
Learning To Be An Overcomer
Mothers of Nations
My Soul Longed For You
Oh, Happy Day!
Overcoming the I Can't Help It Syndrome
Plans To Prosper
Poems From God
Raised from the Dead
Raised from the Dead (Spanish)
Silent Voices
Simplifying Christian Doctrines and End Time Events
Staying Married
The Call of the Shepherd
The Cry of the Shepherd
The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
The Least of These
The Pentecost Factor
The Redemption Files
The Secret To Abundant Living
The Shattering
They Called Us a Cult
Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs
Walking Against The Wind