Author Kathy Smoker

For the past 15 years, Kathy Smoker has devoted much of her time energy and faith to music and inner healing ministry. She and her husband Ben are passionate about living a life of purpose and meaning, and view each day as an opportunity to reach out and make a difference in the world. They are currently involved in the music group “Breakthrough.” Ben and Kathy are blessed to be the parents of four beautiful daughters. The Smoker family lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

His Promises for Me
A Personal Story of Hope and Restoration 

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Kathy shares her story of an otherwise happy childhood, marred by hidden anguish no child should ever face. At an early age she was repeatedly violated by a neighbor, robbing her of innocence and thrusting her into a dark world of swirling confusion and deep fear.

This book relates the raw emotions she experienced. Drowning in a sea of inner turmoil, Kathy turned to God in desperation, searching the Bible for answers. There she discovered powerful promises that became steppingstones to a place of wholeness and purpose in Christ. Kathy also experienced times of divine intervention, receiving understanding and healing through people placed in her life at just the right time.

As you join Kathy on her journey, you will appreciate her honesty and transparency; and you will discover that God's promises are still effective today--and they hold the power to change your life too!

His Promises for Me

ISBN: 978-0-942507-09-6

Size: 5.5x8.5 Pages: 254


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