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Mike Shreve, founder of Deeper Revelation Books, has been involved in full-time evangelism in the United States and overseas since 1971. He is the author of eight books and three Bible studies, and holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Beacon Institute of Ministry (formerly Christian Life School of Theology). He also holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Faith Theological Seminary in Tampa, Florida. He is blessed with a devoted wife, Elizabeth, who assists him in ministry, and their two wonderful children: Zion Seth and Destiny Hope.

Our Glorious Inheritance Volume 6

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The Our Glorious Inheritance book series is all about the wonderful, edifying revelation of over 1,000 names and titles God has given His offspring.

The theme of this volume is the mystery...hid from ages and from generations...Christ in you, the hope of glory (). Under the Old Will, God's glory rested on the ark of the covenant, in the holy of holies: first, in the tabernacle, then later on, in the temple. Though hidden from view, this personal Presence of God gave the Jews great hope.

Now under the New Will, our hope greatly increases...for sons of God actually become living stones making up a spiritual house, the temple of the Holy Spirit in which the living ark of God's strength will forever abide (1 Pt. Cor. ). This is the hope of the gospel and these are just a few of over 150 glory-filled, hope-producing titles of God's children contained in this volume. To discover their revelation is to discover a grand portion of Our Glorious Inheritance.

Please note: Volumes One, Two, Four and Five are temporarily out of print. However, you can buy used copies by going to The new upgraded version of Volume Three is available in this store. Volumes Seven and Eight are yet to be published.

Our Glorious Inheritance Volume 6

Size: 5.5x8.5 Pages: 258


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