Author Sharon Predovich

Dr. Sharon Predovich is one of God’s chosen vessels for these last days. Known as a “Mother of Nations,” her heart for people takes her around the world in ministry. She is gifted with apostolic oversight and prophetic insight, a true pioneer among women ministers. Her legacy is one of walking in the anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and loving people with great compassion. She and her husband, Bill, pastor Resurrection Life Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Mothers of Nations
Activating Women for Global Impact 

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Visiting India years ago, Dr. Sharon Predovich noticed that national ministers addressed her as “Mom.” This also proved true in Africa and Asia, and happened so often that it caught her attention. The term “Mom” sounded so personal and endearing when bestowed on a mere visitor to their nations.

Searching the Scriptures, Dr. Sharon noticed the phrase “father of nations” and wondered if “mother of nations” was also mentioned. She found her answer in Genesis 17:16 when the Lord said to Abraham concerning Sarah, his wife, “I will bless her and also give you a son by her … and she shall be a mother of nations …”

Through the Word, the Holy Spirit started to speak to Dr. Sharon about the spiritual need of the nations, Sarah’s call, and the importance of spiritual mothers and fathers working together to produce leaders in God’s kingdom and effect global impact.

The conclusions of this Spirit-led journey make up the contents of this book. May you be blessed by this revelation, but more importantly, may you be spiritually awakened and activated to walk in this pivotal role yourself!

Mothers of Nations

ISBN: 978-0-942507-96-6

Size: 6x9 Pages: 144


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