Author Helen Bogy

Helen Bogy is an ordained minister and has served in ministry in Washington State, in Tennessee and presently, in Montana. Her current work involves corresponding with and processing ministerial applications for foreign ministers for a Texas-based ministry. Although now retired after 40 years in secular jobs, she still continues to work wherever God leads, to encourage the body of Christ and to advance God's kingdom.

Walking Against The Wind

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Out of desperation to be accepted by those outside her family, Helen often made decisions that caused herself and those who loved her much pain. Even though she found loving approval in her family, because of a physical condition resulting in a speech impediment, in school and elsewhere, she was often scorned, ridiculed and teased mercilessly. Other children often called her names and sometimes even adults made unkind comments. As a teenager, she felt rejected by many of her peers. Despite these problems, Helen was able to overcome her self-hatred, even the wish that she had never been born. She discovered a wellspring of joy and victory in Christ that has provided the answer to every problem encountered in life.

Walking Against The Wind

ISBN: 978-0-942507-88-1

Size: 5x8 Pages: 80


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