Author Danny Hahlbohm

Danny Hahlbohm is an author and world renowned artist. Though he never took an art lesson, God graced him to draw what he calls "spiritual art." His pictures can be seen gracing the walls of churches and the homes of believers all around the world. He has spent his life being dedicated to the Lord through servitude. The Lord has gifted Danny in other areas such as music and writing, which he has given to the Lord for His glory.

The God Room
From Canvas to the Creator 

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Author and world renowned artist Danny Hahlbohm’s new 8.5x11 book, “The God Room” is about developing a deeper relationship with the Creator, knowing God in a very personal and intimate way and consequently, serving Him better in this life.

Danny empasizes that “The God Room” is not necessarily a physical location, but a spiritual place that believers can retreat to, in order to meet with Him, receive His instructions and be inspired on our journey. It means quality time spent alone with the Lord in order to enjoy our oneness with Him and be more fruitful in His kingdom.

In this unique book, Danny tells the story behind many of his most famous paintings, like the world-acclaimed "Footprints in the Sand" (which came to Danny, he claims, by angelic intervention). Over forty of his best paintings are featured in the book.

The God Room

ISBN: 978-0-942507-23-2

Size: 8.5x11 Pages: 126


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