Author Kenneth Walker

Kenneth L. Walker has served as an evangelist and has seen many people come to the Lord through his ministry. He is now pastoring a wonderful gathering of believers in Cleveland, Tennessee, called Refuge of Mercy Pentecostal Church. He and his wife, Bobbie, have been in the ministry for over twenty-two years and have witnessed the life-changing power of God firsthand. Their desire is to do all they can to help you get your breakthrough from God.

Have You Heard The Good News?

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The word GOSPEL simply means GOOD NEWS. That’s what this encouraging book is all about, the GOOD NEWS that:

  • Jesus was the Son of God, born of a virgin, and He came into this world to bring a fallen human race back to God
  • the good news that He bore our sins on the cross that we might be forgiven;
  • the good news that He rose again that we might have the gift of eternal life;
  • the good news that He ascended back to heaven and reigns over all things;
  • the good news that He will soon return and restore this world to a paradise state.

We are often surrounded daily with bad news that is depressing and even heart-breaking. The news contained in these pages will mend your heart and bring you to a place of real purpose and joy in your life.

Have You Heard The Good News?

Size: 5x8 Pages: 64


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