Author Rick Creasy

Rick and Kathy Creasy married in 1978. While working for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, he enrolled in Immaculata University in Malvern, PA and completed his Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. He worked as a family therapist at the Peacemaker Center near Philadelphia, PA, and has experience as a cognitive behavioral therapist. STAYING MARRIED: A Politically Incorrect Guide is the completion of a life-long dream for Rick to write about his experiences as a husband, father, and life-long learner.

Staying Married
A Politically Incorrect Guide 

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Traditional marriage between a man and a woman, which has served as the foundation for human civilizations, is under attack: by our modern day “politically correct” culture, by attempts to redefine marriage, and by social, political and ideological wars. Healthy marriages are unquestionably good for couples’ mental, emotional and physical health. They are also good for children. Growing up in a happy home protects children from numerous problems. However, about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce, which can wreak havoc on the families involved.

Successful marriages require intentional work. STAYING MARRIED will assist you in this life-skill by providing a fundamental guide to:

  • healthy self-talk,
  • effective communication skills,
  • steps to forgiveness,
  • wise decision-making,
  • relationship rebuilding
Studying the truths in this book will help you strengthen an already existing marriage, rescue a failing one, or prepare you to make right choices before you say, “I do!”

Staying Married

ISBN: 978-0-942507-08-9

Size: 6x9 Pages: 208


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