Author Robert St. Claire

Robert St. Claire lives in Northwest Minnesota with his wife Cindy. They have raised five daughters all of whom have families of their own. Being an avid sportsman, he has a great love for the beauty and splendor of the north woods and God’s creation design. After he owned and operated his own construction business for twenty years, Robert became a full time pastor, a role he currently fills.

Alluring Deception

Alluring Deception Click to enlarge picture & see back cover.

Brian and Lucy have a great marriage and a great life. They are raising three beautiful children. They’ve worked hard to get the life they think is perfect. What happens when a midlife crisis meets temptation? Infatuation creates a series of events that threatens to destroy their marriage and their life together. Marriage vows are sacred and permanent, but when one of the partners longs for what is forbidden, can the marriage recover? Will their faith in God be enough to bring them through? Will their faith in each other remain intact? The struggle to keep their marriage in one piece comes to a surprising conclusion that impacts both relatives and friends.

Alluring Deception

ISBN: 978-0-942507-13-3

Size: 5.5x8.5 Pages: 132


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