Author Margo Holmes

Margo Holmes resides in Lake Placid, Florida with her husband, Bill. Her heart’s desire as a minister is to share simple Biblical truths that will help children of all ages understand the heart of God. Margo’s joy-filled spirit overflows in doing the work of God, spending time
with her family (especially her fifteen grandchildren), and playing the game of tennis.

#3 Understanding Communion

#3 Understanding Communion Click to open in new window.

Helping your child understand what communion is and why it is a sacred tradition of the church.

In this book, the Last Supper will come alive. Your child will also understand how it relates to the Old Testament Feast of Passover and Jesus’ calling to be “the Lamb of God.”

Questions will be answered like:

#3 Understanding Communion

ISBN: 978-0-942507-91-1

Size: 10x8 Pages: 24


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