Author Steve Richard

Steve Richard is a technologist in the high-tech, start-up business world and a teacher in the body of Christ. He has held numerous leadership positions in both arenas, and brings a passionate message of partnering with God in an individual’s personal ecosystem. Steve attended Bentley University in Massachusetts where he received his Bachelor of Science in Finance. He lives in the serene landscape of Hooksett, New Hampshire, with his lovely wife, Michele, and their three children.

Intimate Living with the Holy Spirit

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One morning in his home office, Steve Richard was enjoying God’s incredible presence when the popular Christian book, A Purpose Driven Life, came to his mind. Then the Lord posed an important question to him, “What does a presence-driven life look like?” He sat stunned, processing that penetrating statement. He knew what a purpose-driven life was, but he had never even heard the phrase “a presence-driven life” in twenty-five years as a believer.

When the Lord asks a question, it’s not for His own benefit. Steve began asking himself: “Presence-driven: how does a person live that out?” As he pondered this concept, he heard the Lord say, “Go after that!”

That encounter with God re-prioritized Steve’s entire life as he sought for answers to these questions. The journey he accepted led him to explore the most mysterious and misunderstood personality in the Bible—the Holy Spirit. This book contains the insights and experiences he received in pursuing “Intimate Living with the Holy Spirit”—the One who is and ever will be our Helper, Counselor and Guide.

Intimate Living with the Holy Spirit

ISBN: 978-0-942507-16-4

Size: 6x9 Pages: 192


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