Author Claudia Rogers

Claudia Rogers was born in Florida but presently lives in Arizona. She was called to be a missionary at the age of five. She is the mother of three daughters, Melody, Treva (who is with her heavenly Father) and Melissa. She has six grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. Committed to serving God and others, she has filled many ministry roles throughout her life, including: foreign missionary, pastor, teacher and evangelist.


By His Grace I Did It
A Missionary's Story 

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This book is a poignant story of how one woman, by the help of the Holy Spirit, overcame many obstacles in life to fulfill the call of God placed on her life as a child. You will be stirred by her experiences on the mission field, both dangerous challenges and powerful victories. You will be enlightened as she shares from her heart revelations the Lord has given her and prophetic insights, He has communicated to her in dreams. As you read this inspiring story of one woman’s walk of faith, it will stir courage in your heart to say “Yes” to God—regardless of what He calls you to do or where He tells you to go. Don’t try to figure it out first. Just do it—like Claudia Rogers—and God will meet you there. 


By His Grace I Did It

ISBN: 978-1-949297-07-2

Size: 5x8 Pages: 84


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