Author Mary Bandara

Mary Bandara is a former preschool and elementary school teacher and served as a teacher trainer for over twenty-five years. She presently oversees a ministry named “The Call of the Bride,” which helps to transform the lives of women by the perfect love of God, flowing toward them, in them, and through them. Though raised in the Buddhist religion, she became a Christian in 1996. Mary has two children and one grandchild. She and her husband live in the United States.


Darkness to Light
A Buddhist Encounters the True God 

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Mary Bandara was raised Buddhist in an Asian country. For many years, she trusted in the beliefs of that worldview to some¬how overcome her mental and emotional suffering. However, the necessity of being born into this world numerous times be¬fore escaping the cycle of rebirths caused her great anxiety and depression. Nirvana seemed an unreachable goal. Then in 1996, she heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encountered the true and living God. Her life was miraculously transformed.

Darkness to Light

ISBN: 978-1-949297-37-9

Size: Mini-Book Pages: 32


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