Author Prema Sankarsingh Pelletier

Prema Sankarsingh Pelletier was born in Trinidad and raised as a Hindu. Four years after dramatic conversion to Christianity, she was called into full-time Christian service. In 1995, she was ordained as a minister of the Gospel. She is also a Certified Pastoral Counselor. After pastoring in Toronto for twenty years, she and her husband moved to the beautiful hills of North Carolina where they currently reside.


From Cows and Cobras to the Cross of Jesus Christ
The Testimoney of a Former Hindu 

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Jesus Christ Reveals Himself To A Hindu!

Prema Sankarsingh Pelletier was born and raise on the grounds of a Hindu temple. Her family never deviated from the strong Hindu religion, culture, and customs inherited from their ancestors. The Name of Jesus was never mentioned. But then, when she was only twelve years of age, Jesus came to her personally in two dreams. Not knowing what to make of this heavenly visitation, and not being able to discuss it with her family, she simply carried on as usual.

Then, from the age of seventeen onward, her life began rapidly spiraling downward—primarily because of arranged marriages resulting in domestic violence. Desperately looking for God, she traveled to India, ascending the slopes of the Himalayan Mountains and bathing in the Ganges River. She even worshiped cows and cobra snakes, but nothing helped. By the age of thiry0one, she hit rock bottom. Then God intervened in a miraculous way.

Read this inspiring account of what happened when Prema accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, but more importantly, discover what the true and living God can do for you!

From Cows and Cobras to the Cross of Jesus Christ

ISBN: 978-1-949297-24-9

Size: 5.5x8.5 Pages: 200


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