Author Dr. Fred Stapleton

Dr. Fred Stapleton and his wife, Connie, have ministered internationally for over 35 years. At age 16, he began minister¬ing as a youth pastor and evangelist at Blue Ridge Mountain Church in Elk Park, North Carolina, where he served for 29 years. In 2004, Fred and Connie founded Cornerstone Covenant Church in Hudson, North Carolina, where they pastored for 14 years. Currently, they are the directors of Cornerstone Covenant World Missions. They train and send mission teams throughout the world. They have four grown daughters, eight grandchildren, and live in Granite Falls, North Carolina.

Final Events of His Earthly Journey 

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The Messiah walks you through the final days of Jesus’ earthly journey. It offers fresh insights from the Savior’s last teachings, sacred encounters like washing the disciples’ feet, and key happenings that led to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. It closely examines Jesus’ actions and words to better understand what His inner thoughts, feelings, and motivations may have been. It also explores possible reasons why the disciples acted and reacted in the ways they did. The exceptional power of the cross and the empty tomb will become far more evident as you revisit the death, burial, and resurrection of the Son of God. Most of all, you will learn to more deeply appreciate the remarkable patience, kindness, compassion, and grace that Jesus extended to His followers, and how He still offers those expressions of His heart to His followers of this present era.


ISBN: 978-1-949297-35-5

Size: 6x9 Pages: 256


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