Author Desireé Theassa Young

Desireé Theassa Young, an artist, dancer, and nature lover, holds a B.A. in psychology  with a creative writing minor from Carthage College. An elder at Eagles’ Nest Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin, she also volunteers with Redeem and Restore in Southeast Wisconsin, an organization that sees to love, restore, and support women recovering from sex trafficking and exploitation. Kaleidoscope is her first book. More of her work can be found on her website.

Kaleidoscope: A Journey to Hope

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A shocking expose’ of the dark world of human trafficking

Turn the lens and what do you see? Trauma, heartbreak, pain? Or hope, triumph, and victory? Each way you shift the lens, anew pattern merges—like a kaleidoscope. When you’re confronted with dark, unappealing designs, don’t give up. Instead, keep changing the image until something of value and beauty appears.

This story follows the heart-breaking journey of four trafficked young girls: Jennifer, Tiffany, Serena, and Skylar. Their individual roads, lined with lies, betrayal, and abuse, all lead to the same pit of modern-day slavery. Their lives intersect, trapped in a brothel house, where they grasp for hope in the darkest of places. Author Desireé Theassa Young first presents the painful pattern of their chaotic existence, then, she masterfully turns the lens until the image shifts—to goodness, wholeness, and victory.

No one will walk away unchanged after reading this gripping and eye-opening tale based on real-life research about the horrors of human trafficking. As you turn the pages, the lens will rearrange the patterns until a portrait of hope and redemption emerges.

Kaleidoscope: A Journey to Hope

ISBN: 978-1-949297-39-3

Size: 6x9 Pages: 240


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