Author Rhonda Hart

Rhonda Hart is happily married to William Hart. They both served in the military and are the proud parents of six sons. Rhonda is from the mountains of Georgia, but has lived shore to shore in the U.S. She has witnessed many of God’s miraculous works through ministry, marriage, and offspring. Rhonda is a retired SPED Paraprofessional, but the love of her life is ministry and preaching the Gospel.

His Journey Home

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Travel through time to a land long forgotten—an era long overlooked—to a people who lived simple lives under oppressive Roman rule. Witness evil kings who reigned in selfish pride, and barbaric men whose main passion was to rebel against their control.

The author will make you feel as though you were actually there. Facts are embellished with fiction. You will feel the excitement—the sincerity—and even observe the inward struggles of those who walked with the Son of God. Travel with Jesus of Nazareth as He passed through the different cities in Israel during His short life, and see the reaction of those who saw Him and heard His words.

His Journey Home is a fascinating story about the people who were healed and delivered through Jesus’ ministry—the inside information that Bible readers normally don’t consider. Ponder what it was really like to be one of His disciples. Meet them in scenes that will stretch your imagination. This is a fictional retelling of the most popular, non-fiction book in the world. See the gospels as you have never seen them before!

His Journey Home

ISBN: 978-0-942507-37-9

Size: 6x9 Pages: 320


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