Author Rosie Korfant

Rosie Korfant, an ordained minister, serves her church by facilitating the altar team prayer ministry. She has earned degrees in Pastoral Studies, Public Relations, and a master’s degree in Marketing. She enjoys life to the fullest—even skydiving at 70! She resides in Florida with her husband, Johnny, and their Schnauzer, Joyboy. She loves being near her wonderful children and five darling grandchildren.

The Quest

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Rosie Korfant grew up in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, surreonded by secrets about her birth and her lineage, yet she considers herself extremely blessed. She took on like to its fullest with diverse and adventurous careers, extensive education and exciting exploits. With all her accomplishments, however, she felt no “roots.” This book’s purpose is to bring to light all those who have felt a longing in their heart and couldn’t quite put a name to the longing. Follow the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and listen well to His promptings—you, too, will experience the fullness that is felt when life feels more “complete.” For Rosie there was one major missing element—a biological father! Her life’s journey finally brings it all to rest at the heavenly FATHER’S feet.

The Quest

ISBN: 978-1-949297-12-6

Size: Mini-Book Pages: 32

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