Author Pamela Hatfield

Pamela Hatfield is married to her husband Billy and lives in a small town in Southern West Virginia where she is the branch manager at the local library. Pamela loves being outside on bright sunny days and watching waterfalls. Growing up, she was very close to her dad, a tender-hearted man. Like her father, she enjoys putting a smile on the face of a child who has been abused, neglected, or born addicted to drugs. Pamela life’s desire is to advance the kingdom of God as much as she possibly can.

What I Know Now

What I Know Now Click to enlarge picture & see back cover.

In What I Know Now, author Pamela Hatfield offers the collection of “wisdom-insights” she has gained that have proven helpful in her own journey with the Lord. She records the lessons she’s learned through studying the obstacles and challenges major biblical characters faced. In addition, she includes testimonies from her own life demonstrating the absolute goodness of God.

Earlier in her life, through her own experiences and faulty assumptions, Pamela had developed misconceptions about the character of God. Her heart’s desire is to share insights that will help correct any areas of wrong thinking you may have and bring healing and restoration in your life.

Expect to find good, sound, biblical wisdom and truths, along with some practical advice, intended to guide you to get to know God as He really is. Pamela wants you to develop your own personal, intimate walk with God so that you will begin to live your most victorious life possible in Him and enjoy the blessings He has for you.

What I Know Now

ISBN: 978-1-949297-59-1

Pages: 96


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