Author Melissa Pierce

Melissa graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a master’s degree in education. Serving public schools for decades, she has been a teacher to gifted students and a reading and writing coach for teachers. A Bible teacher and musician, she lives with her husband, Michael, and two daughters in Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys writing fiction and sharing about Christian living.

Hearts Out of Hiding

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Come. Take the journey with a prodigal daughter as she finds her way back to love and family. Follow a sacrificial pastor and his talented fiancé as they combat a ghost from the past and work toward a meaningful marriage.

Ciara Caldwell, a 25-year-old socialite, finds herself entangled in rejection, financial abandonment by her parents, working for her over-bearing brother, and a new budding romance after a family Thanksgiving.

Cameron Shivers, a 27-year-old pastor finds himself dealing with his ex-fiancé, Ciara Caldwell. The pressure from the past threatens his faith and hope for true love.

Ciara won’t admit her pain to anyone and abuses her anxiety medication. When faced with more pressure, she turns to more pills. She finds herself working in the family company with the new guy, Bryant Ward. They relocate to Bayport, Alabama, a fictional town based on several bay communities in Alabama.

How will Cameron handle Ciara’s appearance in Bayport? Can the community offer a place of healing, or will the tipping point finally be reached leaving Ciara forever lost?

Hearts Out of Hiding

ISBN: 978-1-949297-77-5

Size: 6x9 Pages: 296


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