Author Margo Holmes

Margo Holmes resides in Lake Placid, Florida, with her husband, Bill. Her heart’s desire is to share simple biblical truths that will help children of all ages understand the heart of God. Margo’s joy-filled spirit overflows in doing the work of God and spending time with her family (especially her fifteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren).

They Followed Jesus

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Introducing the very young to the twelve apostles

Written specifically for “beginning readers,” the books in the “GOD LOVES YOU” Series are easy to read and understand. Numerous illustrations keep children interested and help them relate to the subject material. The prayer and the review questions at the end of each book provide a perfect opportunity for children to absorb what they have learned into their hearts, their minds, and their actions.

In They Followed Jesus, children learn about the uniqueness of each of the followers Jesus chose to be one of His apostles. It shows how they were just ordinary individuals who were given the extraordinary opportunity of walking with the Son of God when He was on earth.

They Followed Jesus

ISBN: 978-1-949297-74-4

Pages: 40


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