Author Carrie Doyle Jones

Carrie Doyle Jones and her husband, Dr. Shawn R. Jones, reside in southeast Tennessee. Carrie has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Marketing and is a successful entrepreneur who owns Southern Charm, “a unique boutique” with four locations and growing. Carrie has a big heart that allows her to see untapped potential and the good in everyone she meets. She loves God and enjoys serving Him and helping others feel fulfilled and happy in life.

Life Lessons
Daring to Say, “I Can!” When Others Say, “You Can’t!” 

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Success in life is determined, not by what you face, but how you react to it.

Too often, when overwhelmed by disappointments, adversities, failures, ridicule, or opposition, people collapse in an emotional heap confessing the negative words, “I can’t!” This book will challenge you to instead announce, “I can!”

Author, Carrie Doyle Jones, shares her own personal struggle with deafness and Central Auditory Disorder, but most importantly, her transformational decision to rise above her challenges and be the best possible version of herself. Instead of saying, “I can’t!” she often confessed, “I can!” and boldly proceeded to overcome her obstacles, one-by-one. Yes, she dared to believe that “With God all things are possible!” (Mark 10:27).

So, why write a book about these things? Because Life Lessons are meant to be shared. The way one person overcomes can awaken in another the same kind of tenacity, determination, and faith that are keys to winning. Get ready for your breakthrough!

Life Lessons

ISBN: 978-1-949297-64-5

Size: 5x8 Pages: 120


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