Author Y.M. Tikkun

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Y.M. Tikkun is a prophetic scribe, who has heard the voice of the Shepherd since early childhood. Born of Jewish lineage, her heart burns with great passion for the God of Israel and for the nation of Israel. Many years ago, this scribe was spending time in quiet meditation when the Shepherd spoke the revelation of a deep longing in His heart. "It is My will that I should be made known to all people - especially to the household of Israel. Reveal Me as I use you as a pen in My hand."

The Call of the Shepherd
Holy Unto Adonai 

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This is a unique book in a unique series (an inspired trilogy). Author, Y.M. Tikkun, is committed to a life of prayer and intercession. When set apart, seeking God fervently, she receives Holy Spirit inspired, prophetic messages on vitally important subjects--so her writing is straight from the heart of the Good Shepherd to you.

THE CALL OF THE SHEPHERD is the second book in the series. This set of messages concerns our walk in this world. In volume one, WHISPERS OF THE SHEPHERD, inspired words revealed to us how deeply we are loved, and how precious our lives are to Him. In this book, we hear God's guidance for His children to grow up and mature.

With the firm gentleness of a true Shepherd, the urgency of this season is heard in the message; calling us forth to live now as those who know Him, belong to Him, and live for Him.

The Call of the Shepherd

Size: 6x9 Pages: 156


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