DRB Author's Corner

Have you been approved as a DRB author? Welcome! You're in the family now! Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in this amazing journey.

Have you ever noticed that the root of the word "authority" is the word "author"? Quite often, when a book is written and produced with excellence, when it meets a felt need and fills an important niche, the "published author" becomes a "preferred authority" on that particular subject. May that be the case in your publishing experience and may God "bless all the work of your hand" (Dt. 28:12)!

On the left you will find articles that will help you to perfect your book through the publishing process. Be sure to read those that are relevant to you and apply the information. Some will assist you in writing and perfecting your work. Others will explain how Deeper Revelation functions with its family of authors.