Illustrations (Custom art work)

We have several professional illustrators who work closely with DRB. They are very capable at capturing the image or images that an author envisions. These artists can work in several mediums: pencil (black and white or color), water colors, oil or computer generated.

Please note the following:

Children’s books—Children’s books especially need excellent illustrations to raise the interest level and enhance the impact of the book. One of the illustrators that works with DRB is especially gifted in this area.

Ownership—Once a piece of art or a series of images are developed for your book, both the illustrator and a Deeper Revelation Books representative will sign a release form stating that the work of art (or works of art) belong to you and are included in the copyright obtained for the book.

Framed print—Once your project is finished, you may want to have DRB make a framed copy of the original drawing to display in your home or office. We can do that!

Some examples of artwork that our illustrators have done in the past (Click on an image to enlarge):