DRB Leadership Team

Founder & CEO Mike Shreve is an author himself, so he understands the needs, concerns and challenges that a writer faces and the supportive role that a co-publishing company should fill. He was converted in 1970 during the Jesus Movement Era, and began traveling in the work of the Lord six months later. His ministry gifting is multi-faceted, including evangelism, missions and pastoral work, with a prophetic and healing emphasis. He and his wife, Elizabeth, pastor an interdenominational gathering of believers in Cleveland, Tennessee, called The Sanctuary.

Elizabeth Shreve is the secretary/treasurer of the publishing company and a real energetic force behind PRISM Graphics and the creative design side of the company, especially when it comes to building websites. She and Mike have two children naturally (Zion Seth and Destiny Hope) and hundreds of offspring spiritually. Anyone who knows Elizabeth can attest that she exemplifies the joy of the LORD. She is a lover of life and a blessing to many. She is one amazing lady of the Lord who loves God, not just with all her heart, but with all her strength; pushing herself beyond normal limits to serve the needs of others.
Vicki Henley is the chief administrator, the one who remembers all the details of the important stuff that others forget (or want to forget). She keeps the estimates and the orders going out and is the kind voice you usually hear when you call. She is married to Mac (a very congenial guy, but don’t talk about football within hearing distance of him). Vicki is much more than an associate; she is an amazing friend.
David Hewitt is the technical genius (at least in our eyes) who keeps our computers running right and who, along with Elizabeth, builds and maintains our websites. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and got his start on computers at the age of seven with a Commodore VIC-20 that had 16k of memory. David is not just a member of a team; he is also a long term friend. He is married to Deanna and they have two wonderful girls, Kaitlyn and Kristyn.

Our vision is to help you fulfill your vision!