Author Mike Shreve

Mike Shreve is the founder of Deeper Revelation Books and the visionary behind this picture and its powerful and inspired message. Recently, it dawned on him, that in 45 years of travel worldwide, he had seen THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF THE OLD COVENANT displayed hundreds of times in various churches, homes and businesses, but could only remember seeing THE TWO COMMANDMENTS OF THE NEW COVENANT displayed once. Evidently, that needs to change---so this quickly became an inspired kingdom-project, and an expression of ministry that is changing the lives of many believers.

The Two Commandments of the New Covenant (Magnet)

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The "TWO COMMANDMENTS OF THE NEW COVENANT" are depicted on this 4"x6" magnet.

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 Magnet Only Discounted:                          Discounted Magnet & Brochure:

  1-5 magnets $4.00 each                             1-5 magnets / brochure $5.00 each
  6-25 magnets $3.50 each                           6-25 magnets / brochure $4.25 each
  26-50 magnets $3.00 each                         26-50 magnets / brochure $3.75 each
  51-100 magnets $2.50 each                       51-100 magnets / brochure $3.25 each
  101 or more magnets $2.00 each               101 or magnets / brochure $2.75 each

The Two Commandments of the New Covenant (Magnet)

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