Sponsor a Mini-Book

We at Deeper Revelation Books are committed to two primary tasks: first, edifying the body of Christ, and second, producing user-friendly presentations of the Gospel for those who do not yet embrace Christianity.

To achieve our second objective we are developing a line of mini-books called, "The True Light Series."

Christians who have a passion to share their faith desperately need good books that they can give to friends and family members who embrace other worldviews. Too often the only books they can find in Christian bookstores on other religions use "confrontational apologetics": heavy handed presentations of the truth intended to 'prove the others wrong.' Quite often, the words used are derogatory and insulting. As a result, the promulgation of the Gospel is hindered. We believe that it is high time to share God's Word with GREAT LOVE , patience, respect, kindness and humility--in order to effectively reach this world.

Please pray about sponsoring the production of a 32 to 48 page booklet for adherents of one of the following major religions: Buddhism, Hinduism or Islam.

For us to employ an author, lay out a book and get out the first edition is a minimum cost of at least $2,500. We will gladly dedicate the sponsored book to the person or persons who make its production possible.

Feel free to contact us for more information, or you could donate toward these publications by clicking here.

Let's Reach the World Together!