Testimony Mini-Books


OUR PHILOSOPHY—Part of the mission statement of Deeper Revelation Books is to produce gentle and loving presentations of the Gospel to followers of other world views. While we definitely believe in sharing the truth uncompromisingly, we also believe in treating others with respect and kindness. Usually you cannot win a people's soul until you win their friendship. We will not publish books/booklets written with a critical, condemning, sarcastic, confrontational or negative tone. We also do not allow unnecessarily graphic descriptions of sensitive subjects. We reserve the right to approve or disapprove any submissions according to these standards, as well as conformity to our statement of faith.

DIMENSIONS—Although we can publish any size mini-book, for the sake of consistency, we suggest that testimony book authors always use the same dimensions: 3.5" x 5.5".

PAGE COUNT—The page count of the booklet, once internally designed by one of our professional graphic artists, must be a multiple of the number 4. It should be at least 16 pages, and usually no more than 64 or at the very most, 68 pages. The following five sizes are given as pricing examples. Larger than that requires a more expensive kind of binding.


  • Professional editing and proofreading
  • An expertly designed, full color cover
  • An expertly designed, internal layout
  • Free posting on the Deeper Revelation Books website
  • Your booklet in PDF format that you can offer as a download from your website or an attachment to your emails.
  • And more . . .

THE COST OF PRODUCTION—The averagae cost for publishing a mini-book starts at $1,500 and up. These prices vary based on  charges from the vendors we work with. The price estimates include editing, proofreading, graphic layout, cover production and printing.

MINIMUM PRINT RUNS--The minimum amount of booklets we can print is 100.

You retain the rights to your work! This is a non-exclusive use of your manuscript! You are free to publish your story again, in other formats, for other purposes!  

NOT INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE ESTIMATE—These prices do not include the following that may or may not be added to a final bill:

1.   Overage—Any overage of your print run will incur a slight extra charge. (It is a normal practice for printers to exceed the ordered amount of booklets by 25 to 50 copies to compensate for damaged copies. You are responsible to purchase these extra copies. This is not the case if we do a digital print run.)

2.   Proof Copies—Normally with mini-books we review a digital proof before printing. If you want a physical proof copy (which is suggested), there is an extra charge from the printer (usually $35). It is first sent to us, then we mail it to you.

3.   Image Insertion—Each image to be inserted in your booklet is an extra $10.

4.   Shipping—Shipping and handling will be charged, for proof copies and final shipment.

5.   ISBN and Bookstore Sales—When the booklets are initially assessed, some may be chosen for inclusion in bookstore promotions and/or to be sold on internet sites such as Amazon.com. If the author and DRB agree on this taking place, it will be necessary to add the following to the booklet: ISBN (International Standard Book Number), and a barcode. This is an extra charge of $99.

6.   Copyright Services—Copyright services are available through Deeper Revelation Books. You may do this yourself, but usually we oversee the submission of the copyright application for DRB authors. All applications are submitted in the name of the author, not in our company name. Our charge for this service is $99.

7.   Advanced EditingMechanical Editing (basic proofreading for typos, misspelled words, punctuation errors and consistency) is included in the estimates we have given. If a booklet requires Substantive Editing (major research, revision, rewriting, source verification and permissions, etc.) then an extra editing fee may be incurred.

SUBSEQUENT ORDERS—Once your booklets are completely given out, you may reprint at a reduced rate, with no start-up production costs. For instance, if you initially ordered 500 of the 32-page booklets, it would cost you $1,343 for the first run with all your start-up expenses. However, a second order of 500 booklets would only cost $743 (plus shipping and handling).

MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION—First, read the “Submission Requirements” section of this website and then use the “ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM” to send your manuscript, unless you prefer to send a copy on a CD.