Transcription Services

The DRB transcription services are for the benefit of Bible teachers, ministers and believers who have a significant message to share, but feel they do not have the time to personally develop it into a book. If you have presented a teaching in an organized way that covers your major points, and if you have recorded that teaching, our transcriber can type your message into a Word document and move you much closer to the vision of publishing a book.

What type of media does DRB receive for transcription services?

We can use recordings saved on a CD (audio), DVD (video & audio), Flash Drive, MP3, MP4, or DSS file. IMPORTANT: do not send your only original recorded copy.

DRB transcription services and publishing services are two different things.

If we transcribe your message, that does not automatically mean that we will publish it in book form. After the transcription service has been completed, the manuscript will be sent back to you for your review. After you have read the transcription and approved it (having made any necessary corrections: typographical, punctuation or spelling errors), you can then submit it to our DRB acquisition team for assessment. If we approve it to be published through our company, then we will draw up a cost estimate for you.

How much does DRB charge for transcription?

To begin the transcription service, we charge an initial binder of $100. This allows the specialist to get started on your project. Your transcriber will then type the first 1,000 words, enabling him/her to determine the probable word count of the entire message and the quality of the recording. At that point, DRB will send you an estimate for the projected cost of the entire project.

Our charge for good recordings is $25 per 1,000 words transcribed. If the recording is not clear (problems such as: poor volume, background noise, a muffled sound and indistinguishable words, etc.) then there may be an additional charge. Once you receive this quote, you will need to pay what remains of 50% of the total estimated cost. At the completion of the transcription, the remaining balance will be due. It may be slightly less or more than the original estimate, because we will only be able to compute the exact word count once the transcriber completes his/her work. We charge by the word, not by the time the transcriber spends on the project.


(Please note: we only offer these services for Christian, bible-based teachings.)

  1. Send us your recorded message with the initial $100 binder.
  2. Our transcription specialist will type the first 1,000 words of your message into a Word document, allowing us to determine the total cost.
  3. Pay the remainder of 50% of the cost of the project.
  4. Review your completed transcript, making any necessary adjustments (corrections on punctuation, spelling or sentence structure).
  5. After you and the transcriber finalize the document, submit it to the DRB acquisition team for assessment.
  6. If your book is approved and you want to publish through DRB, we sign a contract together. One third of the publishing estimate is due at this point.
  7. DRB will assign an editor to your completed transcript (a book mentor will make editorial suggestions on how to shape your manuscript into its final form as a book).
  8. After conferring with your book mentor, you will need to divide your manuscript into appropriate chapters, insert subtitles, develop a table of contents and compile a bibliography.
  9. After you finish writing your book (filling in the gaps), it will be thoroughly edited.
  10.  Then your final manuscript will move up to the graphic layout stage. At this point the next 1/3 of the full publishing cost will be due. The final third will be due before it goes to the printer. 



To start this process and to get a cost estimate, call our publishing office 423-478-2843 (Mon.-Fri. 9:30am to 5pm EST) or send us an email:

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will only transcribe messages that are in agreement with our posted "Statement of Faith" (under "About"). Before submitting your recorded sermon, please read the Statement of Faith and make sure that we are in agreement on these essential points.

"In essentials unity, in non-essentials, liberty, and in all things, charity."