TV & Radio List Explanation

Instructions for DRB authors on how to best approach guest coordinators.

The TV & RADIO Interview List—DRB has a list of over 100 interview programs (both TV and radio) that an approved author can obtain in order to promote his or her book. Our editorial staff will discuss with you whether or not your book qualifies. For instance, fiction books normally would not be suitable. It needs to be a unique biblical or testimonial subject that is a good subject for conversation and the author needs to be a good communicator. The cost for anyone purchasing the list is $149 and includes contact information for the guest coordinators of many interview programs, including some of the largest television networks in the world (such as TBN and 700 Club). DRB authors receive it free.

Phone calls—If you obtain the list, the best way to utilize it is to take the following steps. First, contact each station and/or media ministry and ask to speak to the guest coordinator or program director (listed in the Excel document you receive from us).

Once you have that person on the phone, ask if he/she has just a couple of minutes to speak with you. Remember, some coordinators get many phone calls each day and they can be very busy. If they say, “Yes”, then in your initial call, be extremely brief. Tell them who you are, what you do, and what you are calling about (your book, etc.). Don’t try to convince them on this initial call to have you on the program and don’t give all the details about your book, just the title and a one or two sentence explanation. Be very personal and friendly. Your main objective is to make a personal connection and get permission to send a promotional package. Make sure you keep the description very brief (no more than one or two minutes). Then ask permission to send a complimentary copy of your book. If he/she agrees, verify their address and the way it should be sent.

Make sure to find out to whose attention the package should be sent, as well as the proper way to address the envelope or package. The benefit of an advance call is that the coordinator will be looking for your package and will be more likely to pay attention to it when it arrives.

Emails—If you are contacting the guest coordinator via email, be sure to keep it brief as well. Give them a short introduction of yourself and your book(s). Include a personal photo and the image of the book cover in your email. Direct the person to your website to find out more information about you. It is good to have links to previous interviews posted, as well as any endorsements you have received. A lot of times they want to check out your speaking ability before calling to schedule you for an interview. Finally, end the email with your contact information and let them know that you will be happy to send them a complimentary copy of your book for consideration.

Conclusion—In either case, after you have sent the book, it is best to wait about two to three weeks after its anticipated time of arrival, and then call the guest coordinator back to ask if he/she has had a chance to look at your package and go from there. Be sure to promote the time of the airing through social media, or your website and email list.