Elizabeth Shreve

Minister, Author, Life Coach

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Elizabeth Shreve


Passionate. Practical. Powerful. These are words that describe Elizabeth Shreve. In her transparent and often humorous style, Elizabeth shares biblical truth woven together with personal experiences to empower lives toward freedom and transformation.

What does she bring to a radio, television, or podcast interview? Elizabeth has learned to overcome many obstacles in life, especially the challenges associated with fulfilling the will of God, receiving miraculous divine intervention for both of her children, and finally, overcoming a life threatening disease. Faith, prayer, and miracles from God made all the difference.


With her unique perspective of the Word of God, she brings laughter and joy to everyone she meets. The revelation that God has given her is simple but profound: “You can choose to be happy in all situations.” Her transparency and realness about life experiences have enabled her to help many people
of all ages.

Elizabeth Shreve ministering
I Cried A River


Elizabeth’s first book, “I Cried a River: The Journey from Tears to Triumph”, was released in February of 2022. It revolves around her cancer diagnosis, the implication that she possibly had only a few months to live, and how Jesus, the Great Physician, carried her through it victoriously—enabling her to reclaim her health, by natural means and supernatural intervention.

In this book, you will walk with Elizabeth through the painful beginning of her journey: diagnosis, desperation, and defeat. But then, you will turn the page and travel with her on the path of faith, laughter, promises, divine visitations, awakened courage, and an unhindered destiny. Most of all, you will be convinced that faith wins over fear—always! A free PDF of this book is available upon request.


  1. What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard the diagnosis of cancer?
  2. Did your faith rise immediately, or did you have to fight to overcome?
  3. Were you ever scared of losing your life?
  4. How did you overcome your fears?
  5. What supernatural experiences did God give you on your journey to wholeness?
  6. Have you had other major miracles in your life?
  7. What could you share with our listeners that would help them obtain their healing?



This presentation was recorded at the “Come On, Let’s Go!” studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is the testimony of how God miraculously healed Mike and Elizabeth Shreve’s daughter, Destiny Hope. Elizabeth’s sincerity shines through as she conveys her faith-building story that will help anyone believe God for a miracle.


Elizabeth lives in Cleveland, Tennessee, with her beloved husband, Mike Shreve. Together, they travel evangelistically, pastor a local church, and run a Christian publishing house called “Deeper Revelation Books”.

P.O. Box 4260, Cleveland, Tennessee 37320 Phone: 423-478-2843