The children's division of Deeper Revelation Books


#1 God's Great Love
#2 Why Be Baptized?
#3 Understanding Communion
#4 Teach Us To Pray
#5 Follow Me
#6 Fruit of the Spirit
#7 He Is Risen
#8 Acts of God and the Apostles
#9 Jesus Coming Again
A Woman of Good Understanding
All Is Well
Bake Me a Little Cake First
Baptize Me Too!
Bring the Finest Robe!
Communion-A Time To Remember
Disciples Who Disappointed, Doubted, and Denied
Each Day I Pray
God Does Great Things!
God Loves You
God's Great Love Complete Series of 9 books
God’s Great Promise: The Holy Spirit
Good News of Great Joy
I Want Good Fruit!
Let’s Go Up to the Mountain
Looking For Jesus
Mary Saw Jesus
Mighty Warrior
Promises, Prayers, and Proclamation
Roof Top Friends
The Amazing Mary Walker
The Little Maid of Israel
The Story of a Worm That Was Loved
They Followed Jesus

Potty John & the Bathroom Gang