About Children of Promise

CHILDREN OF PROMISE is the children’s division of DEEPER REVELATION BOOKS (Ages 0 -12). We love children and believe deeply that one of our most important, God-given responsibilities is to pass on to the next generation a biblical world view, the example of Christian character and a powerful spiritual impartation. In Hebrews, Chapter eleven (faith’s “Hall of Fame”), many of the “acts of faith” mentioned involved the production of offspring, the protection of offspring, and the impartation of blessing from one generation to the next.

So this is evidently VERY HIGH on God’s priority list. When Pharaoh suggested otherwise, Moses refused to leave Egypt unless the Israelite children accompanied them. In like manner, we refuse to just accept salvation for ourselves. Like Joshua of old, we dare to declare, “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!” (Js. 24:15).

We primarily publish Christian, Bible-based themes for Children of Promise books. They can be non-fiction or fiction. Usually our books will emphasize Scripture or center around popular Bible characters or Bible stories. However, we may also accept some that do not have a strong ‘religious’ flavor, but help with the cognitive development of children: like educational books or character-building books, as long as they agree with the DRB “Statement of Faith” and true Biblical revelation.

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